Cyprien Durocher and Celinas Durocher (nee Cormier) the father and mother of my dear wife. Both born in Canada and were about the same age. Soon after their marriage, which took place in Montreal, migrated to Minnesota, first residing in St. Paul, in 1856. Sometime there after settled on a farm at Rush River in Sibley Co. Minn. The Indian outbreak in 1862 caused them to abandon their farm, coming to Minneapolis. After selling their farm for little or nothing went home to Canada. In 1877 returning to Henderson Minn., thence to Minneapolis, and in 1880 came to St. Paul to reside. In the early spring of 1881 I met my future wife. Seeking an introduction, I visited her our visits becoming more frequent, finally became engaged and subsequently married (for better or worse) a frisson of delight. I pleasantly recollect the many visits on father and mother; and the good times spent with them, playing checkers and cards; (?) on the Holydays; and it was a grand sight in later years when all the Sons-in-law with their children (some 21 in number) who according to height formed a big parade, marching around the house, merrymaking, we had enjoyment to our hearts content, an entertainment we always looked forward to.

Dad-in-law always had a good supply of everything for the feast, and our reception was most cordial, turkey with trimmings, pie, cake, candy, nuts, fruit and les beigne sucré . And oh boy, the liquid refreshments, and when the Little Brown Jug was empty it was soon re-filled (Joe Chartier and the writer had no cause to complain, their mind and bodies had complement "Bon; pas trop fort, ou trop gros."

When the time came to depart for our respective homes, and the gaieties ended, it was a scramble to sort out the kids, some returned in a soap-box attached to the sled, others bundled in waste baskets. The family reunions continued for many years. Father died March 17, 1899 at the age of 71. He was a man of many good traits, kind and generous, of cheerful disposition. Mother died Sept. 10, 1910 at the age of 81. She too was kind, affectionate and very considerate; and her pies could not be surpassed.
................................. Their demise caused Ma and Pa
................................. much sorrow, and feel the
................................. Great loss keenly

Tribute To

(?): Three words here are indecipherable by me. Perhaps they are French.

les beigne sucré: Pip provided his own note here. He translates as "do-nuts."

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The history and genealogy of the Robert family
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