The Bouya

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This photograph has been in the family for 108 years. It shows 40 people and a dog at a "Bouya" party at Lake Johanna in St. Paul, Minnesota. Unfortunately, no one seems to have recorded who the various people are. I am certain that they are various members of the Robert and/or Durocher families. Frank Robert Jr. (fifth from the right) and Cyprien Durocher (farthest to the right) are tentatively identified. I would appreciate it if anyone can supply any other identifications.

The Bouya is being served from a large pitcher into mugs. This suggests the soup was more of a broth. Two men sitting in the front are holding guns. "Pot luck" seems to have been in vogue. The dog looks remarkably like Strider.

September 8, 2002. Connors family bouya party in Oak Park, Illinois.

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The history and genealogy of the Robert family
1894 Bouya
2002 Bouya
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