During the many years connected with the office of Sheriff of Ramsey Co., Minn. I filled many positions in various capacities such as outside deputy making arrests, making trips to other states for persons arrested and wanted here to stand trial for offences committed against the laws of this state, serving all kinds of process brought in by attourneys and others for action, as Bookkeeper keeping account of all fees and moneys collected and paid on Executions, judgements, proceeds from sales of real estate and personal effects, and paid in redemptions, from Executions and mortgage sales, and the collection of personal-property taxes, all charges to attorneys, and the county, making out payrolls, drawing all checks for disbursements, as Chief Deputy still continued to draw and sign all checks. The amounts received and payable ran from $250,000 to $1,000,000 per year. I had many experiences in connection with this office for more than 30 years. I herewith below give some of them. I do not do this with any spirit of braggadocio or boasting, nor with any conceit or claim any praise for cleverness. The sheriff had less lawsuits during his term of office than any of his predecessors had in any one year. When any danger was apparent, I had the Sheriff fully indemnified by parties in interest from any loss by lawsuit or otherwise.

As a Peace Officer

A Levy

The J. H. Allen Grocery Co. obtained a judgement against a Jewish lady who kept a small store at the corner of Arundel and Como Ave. The Execution was handed to an old deputy of many years experience (who has served under other sheriffs). He made many trips to enforce the execution, but unable to get possession of property. The atty for the Company became disgusted with the office in failing to get action. I took the Execution and upon investigating and found out the attitudes of this Jewish Lady. I got hold of a boy in the neighborhood, gave him a little change to buy some soap. He went to the home of the lady next store who came out and looked up and down the avenue. She opened the store, sold the boy the soap and, as she unlocked the door to let the boy out, I placed my foot in the door and asserted my authority, put her out, and took possession, much to her sorrow. She immediately got her husband, some neighbors, and a policeman, who left when he learned who was the man in charge. The property was some removed and the Grocery Co., after a sale, got his money.

I took the Execution: Apparently, by the time of this story, Frank Robert was the deputy in charge of difficult cases.

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