The Robert (pronounced "Robaire") family is French Canadian. Most of our information about the family comes from two sources. Frank Robert Jr., known as "Pip" to his grandchildren, prepared a manuscript of his experiences for his 50th wedding anniversary in 1932 and, apparently, continued to add material until his death in 1948. The other document is a typescript, "Memere," prepared by Leo Fecht of the memories of his grandmother, Rosanna Durocher Houde Bourassa. She was the sister of Matilda (Minnie) Durocher Robert, the wife of Frank Robert Jr. Minnie and Frank Robert are known as "Mim" and "Pip" in our family. They are the parents of Mabel Robert Hansen, my grandmother.

Pip's manuscript lists six generations of his male ancestors, the dates and locations of their marriages, and the names of their wives. The oldest is Robert Fache (called Robert) who married Catherine Cadieu in 1696 at Montreal. Recently, a great deal more information about this family has come to light. The parents and grandparents of both Robert Fache and Catherine Cadieu are known. Also, I have found a link from the Robert family to Catherine de Baillon, a minor French noblewoman who came to New France.

Leo Fecht's typescript doesn't go as far back, except for one 18th century ancestor, Jean Baptiste Papillon, who "discovered wallpaper." Or, at least, developed a technique of preparing it. However, quite a bit more has come to light about this family recently.

Quebec genealogical records are remarkable. Many new ancestors have been found recently and there are many more to be found. Some of our family's traditions, calling grandparents "Mimere" and "Pipere" and serving a savory pork pie called Tourtierre or Turkaire during the Christmas season, come from our French Canadian ancestors. I have recently finished adding Frank Robert's manuscript to this site and hope to add Leo Fecht's manuscript in the future.

The Durocher family is related to Blessed Marie Rose Durocher who founded a school and teaching order of nuns near Montreal. Our relationship to Blessed Marie Rose is outlined on the Cousin Eulalie page.

The Roberts, Hansens, and Beatons were all in Minnesota during the 1850s. I have posted a page about conditions at Fort Snelling during the winter of 1851-52.

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The history and genealogy of the Robert family
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