A day or so after I entered the service of the Sheriff's office the then Chief Deputy Sheriff (Geo Allen) gave me a writ to dispossess and put out a tenant on the west side for non-payment of rent. When I reached the premises, I found 4 barefooted little children, the mother out washing, and the father who had deserted his family. I came back to the office. I told the deputy I could not put those people out. I would quit the job first. I told him about the condition of things. We got our heads together, called up the Human Society (M. L. Hutchins). He paid up the back rent and the rent for several months in advance and he bought shoes, clothing and provisions for them. I stayed on the job.


Another Restitution

The Schmidt Brewing Co. got a writ for premises cor of Dale and Como Ave. occupied by one Klinkhammer. The writ was given to an old deputy, and on making demand the old fellow pulled out a gun from a drawer and told him to scram. He scrammed. The writ was then given to me . I went to the place, bought a few beers, went out, came back to the door, and told Klinkhammer that some lady upstairs called for him. He took the sidesteps and went upstairs. I skipped in hurriedly, got back of the bar, took his gun, and when he came down the side steps, I hollowed through the door I was the sheriff and in possession, and for him to stay out. He called me everything he could think of, but I was in possession. Turned premises over to Schmidt Brewing Co. One evening when I got home, Ma said there was a box on the porch. " A case of Qts ."

A case of Qts. I don't suppose Pip's solution to this problem would pass Constitutional muster today. And then there is the "payment" rendered by the brewery. Still, the solution may have been preferable to a more normal solution of sending in several deputies with guns blazing and arresting the survivors.

The writ was then given to me. Another case of Pip getting the tricky assignments.

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