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Cousin Eulalie

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I have finally been able to define the relationship between Rosanna and Minnie (Mim) Durocher and Eulalie (the Blessed Marie Rose) Durocher. The key information, that Rosanna and Minnie's grandfather, Etienne Durocher, was Eulalie's maternal uncle, was provided by Leo Fecht. I was able to confirm that information and amplify it using standard French Canadian genealogical references. 

Their common ancestor is Blaise Benjamin Durocher. His descendents are:

Both the mother and father of Blessed Marie Rose Durocher were Durochers. They were second cousins. In fact, they were second cousins twice over because their paternal grandfathers, who were brothers, married two sisters of the Juillet family. Apparently, very few settlers ever came from France to New France. Our ancestors, of course, but there were only a few thousand others.

Minnie and Roseanna were first cousins once removed of the Blessed Marie Rose. All of their descendents are first cousins with various degrees of removal. If Minnie or Roseanna is your grandmother, then you are a first cousin three times removed of the Blessed Marie Rose. If Minnie or Roseanna is your great grandmother, then you are a first cousin four times removed. This whole question of cousins can sometimes be a bit complex. Here is an on-line Cousin Chart to sort this sort of thing out.
The history and genealogy of the Robert family

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