Connors Irish Roots

For now, this is really the McManus, Leader, and Beaton Irish roots page. I don't yet know where the Connors family originated from in Ireland.

1. Athleague, County Roscommon. According to Clara Hillman Houlihan this was the home town of Michael Brehany. He married Eliza Gregory who was known as "Ma" and "Two Mas" to later generations.

2. County Tyrone. According to her tombstone and obituary Eliza Gregory Brehany came from "Ballinsloe, County Tyrone." No town of that name has been identified, however, it is almost certain that the spelling is phonetic. The actual gaelic spelling may be quite different. 

4. Athy, County Kildare. Two biographies of Matthew Beaton mention that his maternal grandfather, Matthew Dwen (or Duane?), was born in Athy Parish, County Kildare. The famous Antarctic explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton, was born in Athy Parish.

6. Castleisland, County Kerry. Clara Hillman Houlihan says that Honora Donoghue of Castleisland married John Hall Leader in Syracuse, NY, in 1854.

5. Millstreet, County Cork. The home of John Hall Leader according to Clara Hillman Houlihan and other sources.

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3. Ballinamallard, County Fermanagh. The hometown of Michael McManus according to notes left by Harry Connors Jr.. 

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