The Marriage Announcement of Frederick Connors and Mary McManus

The following announcement appeared in the November 28, 1890 edition of the Daily Journal of Racine, Wisconsin. Robert Connors found this account.



Mr. Frederick Connors of Topeka, Kan., and Miss Mary E. McManus, an estimable lady of this city, were married at St. Rose church, at 9 o'clock yesterday morning, by Rev. Father Murphy. It was a pretty wedding and many friends were present to witness the ceremony. The bride was attired in pearl gray silk with diamonds for ornaments. The bridesmaid was Miss Nellie Hally of Chicago, and she wore a cream empress cloth dress decollette. Mr. H. A. Pittman was the best man. A reception was held at the home of the bride's parents after which the newly wedded pair departed for Topeka. The presents were numerous and handsome. Mr. and Mrs. Connors have the best wishes of a large circle of friends for a long and happy wedded life.

This is an interesting account. The names of the bridesmaid and best man are slightly different than those given by the official Racine County Marriage Registry. I'm inclined to believe the names as given here. The name of the bridesmaid (both Cristian name and surname) is almost certainly the same as the maiden name of the mother of the bride. This suggests that Ellen (or Nellie) Hally (perhaps Wally) is a cousin of Mary McManus.

Initially, this account was disappointing. Neither the bride nor groom's parents were mentioned. We knew the names of the bride's father and mother, but not those of the groom. However, the discovery of the entry for this marriage in the Racine County Records increases the importance of this account. It provides an important check and verification of the handwritten official record.

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