Frederick E. Connors Obituary

This obituary appeared in the Santa Fe Magazine shortly after Frederick E. Connors's death in 1923. There is at least one other obituary which appeared in a Spokane, Washington newspaper that I will add to this site soon.

................................................... DEATH OF FRED CONNORS

Frederick E. Connors, for nearly thirty years connected with the purchasing department of the Santa Fe in Chicago, died of heart trouble on February 27 in Spokane, Wash. At the time of his death he was vice-president and general manager of the Spokane & Inland Empire Railroad. He had just returned to Spokane after a visit of several weeks with his family in Chicago when suddenly stricken. Funeral services were held at his home in Chicago on March 6. Solemn high mass was observed in St. Jerome's Church and the remains were laid away in Calvary Cemetery, the funeral being attended by a great number of his old friends and associates. The pallbearers were M. J. Collins, general purchasing agent; J. J. Conn, assistant general purchasing agent; E. A. Clifford, assistant general purchasing agent; John McDonald of the law department, and W. G. Lloyd and H. J. Armstrong.

Mr. Connors was a man whose jovial disposition had won him many close friends, while his full knowledge of the work of the purchasing department and his impartial treatment of those with whom he did business won him the respect of everyone. He was very much a home lover and was a real pal of Mrs. Connors and his three sons and two daughters who survive him. His great regret was that his latest position kept him so far from home, but on account of the associations of his growing family he had not yet taken them to Spokane.

Mr. Connors was born on October 6, 1869, in San Francisco. On August 15, 1886, he became office boy in the purchasing department of the Chicago & Alton. He commenced service with the Santa Fe on October 20, 1890, as a clerk in the stationery department in Topeka, being promoted to chief clerk on May 15, 1891. Four years later he went to Chicago, where for five years he served as a clerk in the purchasing department, then as assistant chief clerk for one year, then as chief clerk. He was appointed assistant general purchasing agent on January 1, 1907, and on November 1, 1913, he was made assistant to the vice-president in charge of purchases and stores, with headquarters in Chicago. In 1918 he was appointed receiver for the Spokane & Inland Empire Railroad, representing the interests of the Harris Trust Company of Chicago. Upon the reorganization of that road he was made vice-president and general manager.

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