St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery

St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery in Galena, Illinois, has several burials of members of our family. Recently, a transcription of tombstones in this cemetery has become available on-line. Tombstones of interest include:

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The history and genealogy of the Leader family

Elizabeth Dwen, 1828 - Mar 21, 1910
Augustus G., son, 1861 - Nov 8, 1894

This must be Elizabeth Dwen Beaton O'Leary. Her second husband was Thomas O'Leary. I have not found his tombstone.

John, Jan 2, 1828 - Jan 8, 1894, b. Ireland
Hanora, wife, Dec 24, 1834 - Mar 3, 1904, b. Castle Island, Ireland
Vincent M., July 10, 1863 - June 24, 1864
Mary, Feb 29, 1860 - Apr 20, 1863

Michael, Feb 2, 1816 - July 10, 1899, b. Athleague, Co. Roscommon, Ireland
Eliza GREGORY, Aug 15 1828 - Sept 7 1901 b Ballinsloe, Co. Tyrone, Ireland

Michael's date of death must be wrong. Eliza is Elizabeth Gregory Brehany Maguire "Two Mas." It is interesting that she is buried under the name of her first husband and has her maiden name on the tombstone. I have not found Thomas Maguire's tombstone in the list, but there is a Maguire about whom there is no information.

Augustin, Aug 10, 1830 - Sept 28, 1876, b Co. (unreadable) Ireland
Mary MOORE, wife, Sept 28, 1834 - Nov 25 1907 b. Allegheny City, PA, d Chicago
Sarah Elizabeth, dau, July 14, 1856 - Mar 18, 1909 b Galena, d Chicago

I believe that Augustin is Michael's brother. Augustin was the executor of Michael's estate.

Thomas, 1828 - Sept 29, 1919
Julia, wife, d May 4, 1894, 68y

Right now, I know nothing about Thomas Duane. He probably isn't related. He isn't mentioned in Elizabeth O'Leary's obituary. Still, I want to follow this one up.

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