The Lineage of Graham of Fintry
According to
Burke's Landed Gentry, 10 Edition (1900)

It is most likely that we are not related to this family, however, there is a story that a distant ancestor of Donald Beaton was a physician named Peter Betune, a "cousin" of Cardinal David Betune, an advisor to Mary, Queen of Scots. The story claims that Dr. Peter Beaton and Cardinal David were first cousins. While transcribing the family lineage of the Bethune of Balfour family, Cardinal David Betune's family, as recorded in Burke's Landed Gentry of Great Britain, 10 edition, 1900, I noticed that a sister of Cardinal David, Margaret, was mentioned as having married "Graham of Claverhouse, Viscount Dundee." This is impossible (and is a good illustration of why professional geneologists have so little respect for Burke) because the First Viscount Dundee wasn't born until 1648 and was a famous supporter of the great grandson of Mary, Queen of Scots, James II of England. However, there is a connection. The First Viscount Dundee, the Bonnie Dundee of Sir Walter Scott's poem, was John Graham of Claverhouse. I have transcribed Burke's lineage of the Graham of Fintry family as far as Viscount Dundee below.

LINEAGE.--SIR WILLIAM GRAHAM, Lord of Kincardine, chief of the name, and ancestor of the Dukes of Montrose, m. 1406 for his second wife, the Lady Mary Stuart, dau. of ROBERT III., King of Scotland, and widow of George, Earl of Angus, and of Sir James Kennedy, of Dunure. Of this marriage the sons were ROBERT (Sir), who became of Fintry; Patrick, 1 st Archbishop of St. Andrews; William, ancestor of Graham of Garvock; Harry; and Walter, from whom descended the Grahams of Knockdolian, Carrick, and of Wallacetown, Dumbarton. The eldest son,
SIR ROBERT GRAHAM, of Fintry, m. Janet dau. and heiress of Sir Richard Lovell, of Ballumbie, by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of Sir Henry Douglas of Loch Leven, and had issue,
1. ROBERT, his heir.
2. John, of Balargus, co. Forfar, m. Matilda, dau. of Sir James Scrimgeour, Constable of Dundee, and was s. by his son,

JOHN GRAHAM, of Balargus, who acquired, 1530, the lands of Kirkton, and subsequently those of Claverhouse. He m. Margaret, dau of John Bethune , of Balfour, and had a son and successor,
JOHN GRAHAM, of Claverhouse, living 1541, m. Anne, dau. of Robert Lundin, of Balgony, in Fife, and was s. at his decease, about 1580, by his eldest son,
SIR WILLIAM GRAHAM, of Claverhouse, d. 1642, leaving by Marian his wife, dau. of Thomas Fotheringhame, of Bowie, two sons,
1. GEORGE, his heir, of Claverhouse, d. 1615, leaving two sons. The elder, SIR WILLIAM GRAHAM, of Claverhouse, was father of JOHN GRAHAM, the heroic Graham of Claverhouse, Viscount Dundee, killed at Killiecrankie, 26 May, 1689 (see Burke's Extinct Peerage).
2. WALTER, ancestor of the GRAHAMS of Duntrune.

Sir Robert Graham was s. by his eldest son,
ROBERT GRAHAM, of Fintry, m. the Lady Elizabeth Douglas, dau. of John, Earl of Angus, and was s. by his son,
SIR DAVID GRAHAM, 3rd Laird of Fintry, m. a dau. of William, 1st Earl Montrose, by Annabella his wife, dau. of John, 1st Lord Drummond, and left a son and successor,
WILLIAM GRAHAM, 4th of Fintry, m. Catharine, dau. of John Beaton , of Balfour, and sister of Cardinal Beaton, Archbishop of St. Andrews, and Chancellor of Scotland.

Margaret, dau. of John Bethune, of Balfour: One of two Bethune/Beaton sisters to marry Grahams.

Catharine, dau. of John Beaton, of Balfour: The other sister. Burke's, apparently, wasn't into spelling consistency.

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